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“Before” & “After” Bathroom Transformations

You’re pondering how much or how little to remodel your bathroom. The biggest remodeling challenge that homeowners face is how to go about creating “a design concept” that both goes with the architectural style of the house, and also makes the overall look of the home flow in a cohesive manner.

 Let’s assume you’re stuck with a bathroom that may look something like this–a typical 90’s bathroom: The photo below is the “Before” photo of a Seattle-area homeowner’s shower, with a tub next to it. This white plastic shower wall plus shower floor is called a “shower pan.” So many people have one just like it that it’s almost universal. It’s functional. It does the job, but it’s dated.


Bathroom Old Shower Pan



Now, take look at the “After” photo below, of that bathroom after we remodeled it. In this bathroom, the client requested a “cottage” style and we delivered it!

Tub&Shower_ AFTER

“After” –  Source: Interior Visions, LLC

Hard to believe it’s the same bathroom! We’ve remodeled a lot of bathrooms and think this one is so elegant and lovely.

In the old, unremodeled bathroom, here’s what we started with.


  • Dated white shower pan. So 1990’s…
  • Toiletry articles randomly placed.
  • Plastic walls of shower pan.
  • Plain shower floor.
  • Ordinary shower head.
  • Nondescript shower & tub fixtures.


Now, we’ll give you six ideas for the remodeling of your bathroom. Let the transformation begin!


  • Frameless, glass-paneled walk-in shower door. ‘Bye, 90’s… Welcome to 2015!
  • Shower niche for toiletries. The shower niche in the photo is tall & vertical. We’ve created many shower niches. Some are long & horizontal and really do serve to hold toiletries. Our tall shower niche is made with white miniature “brick” tiles, which contrast with the tiles on the walls.
  • Rustic-looking, woodlike tiles on shower walls. On our shower walls above, we used Rustico tile from Ann Sacks. The Rustico tile looks and feels like weathered wood planking. The tile has the appearance of being cut along the grain in an elongated, linear pattern. It is remarkably realistic to genuine wood planks but with the easy maintenance and enduring qualities of porcelain. Our shower fixture wall also contains a large swath of the contrasting white miniature “brick” tiles, harmonizing with those in the shower niche.
  • Attractive tiles on shower floor. Our shower floor contains cream mosaic tiles.
  • Striking-looking shower head. Our shower head above is large and square. It extends very far from the wall, which makes it easy to stand under as is.
  • Elegant shower & tub fixtures. We helped our homeowners choose the rich looking, brushed nickel fixtures.


The elements in our remodeled bathroom tie together nicely in a rustic, cottage style. Walk-in showers, walls, tiles, built-in soap niches, floors, shower heads, tub & shower fixtures–the selection of these things is endless. When it comes time for you to choose yours, you’ll really go to town!

Interior Visions will help you select the right elements for your bathroom remodeling project. Please contact us at 206-774-0630 for any additional questions.

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