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Adding a Touch of Luxury to Your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank


Kitchen Design

Kitchen Remodeling

You’re ready for a new look in your kitchen, but you can’t afford a complete remodel. We have a suggestion: transform your cabinets! There are a lot of modern, creative ways you can do this, thus adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen without breaking the bank (or taking out a second mortgage). Here are some suggestions:

  • Color change!  Simply change the color of the cabinets, or cabinet doors. This way you can transform the look and feel of the entire space. Do you want to brighten up your kitchen? Then choose an off-white color that reflects light. Or do you prefer elegant understatement? Then strip the paint, and stain your cabinets the color of a dark wood that complements your countertops. Perhaps you don’t see much luxurious wood grain in the newly stripped cabinets. In that case, you can buy replacement wood-grained cabinet doors in a color that will complement the cabinets behind them.
  • Update your countertops. You can get a man-made product that resembles natural stone for your countertops. There are many, such as Ceasarstone and EuroStone. These products also give tremendous resilience to staining and chipping.
  • Add panel inserts to some of your cabinet doors. These come in a wide variety of materials, from glass and wood to acrylic and laminate. The acrylic and laminate can add pops of bright color to a modern kitchen. The glass options can add a natural, eco-chic feel to your cabinets.
  • Add a backsplash to integrate and connect. A backsplash is a good connector between the cabinets and the counter space. There are many backsplash materials to choose from, depending on your style and preference. Remember, grout also has its own capacity to increase interest or add a pop of color. So consider trying other colors, as opposed to getting just the usual white.
  • Finishing touches complete the look and functionality of your cabinets. Think of them as accessories! You can put crown molding on the top of the upper cabinets. How about new knobs, drawer pulls or cabinet handles? And you might like to get soft close dampeners for the renovated cabinet doors.


Are you ready to undertake adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen without breaking the bank? Contact me to set up your consultation.

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