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Shower Niche in a Bathroom Remodel

Why include a shower niche in a bathroom remodel?

When you begin thinking about your bathroom makeover, why not give a thought to recessed shower/soap/towel niches? Niches certainly ought to be part of your consideration. They are quite trendy, not to mention the huge variety of niches there are these days. It’s amazing how a gorgeous design in a soap or shower niche can really dress up a bathroom!

Why would you want to include a shower niche, soap niche, and/or towel niche in your bathroom remodel? Let me give you a few points to ponder:

• Shower niches can have incredibly beautiful and stylish decorations when tiled with either bold or subtle colors, perhaps in attractive patterns.

• Shower niches can be tiled in ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and other kinds of tiles.

• Shower niches can be real space savers. Get rid of shower caddies and bottles in bathtub corners forever!

• Towel niches hold rolled-up or folded towels ready to be used, and look elegant in bathrooms, if you have an area of wall that can contain one. Find some towel niches on the internet to see what they look like.

• A soap niche is an unusual alternative to a soap dish by your bathroom sink.

• You can go wild with creative ideas to give to your interior designer (or to DIY) about various kinds of niches.

• Your guests will be sure to notice how cool they look.

Are you convinced? Shower/soap/towel niches are sharp ways to accessorize and customize your bathroom. And your rubber ducky will love his/her new home in such a fashionable-looking shower niche! That clinches it… Decision made. A shower niche or soap niche is a fun addition and adds character to your bathroom design, and should be at the top of your bathroom remodel list!

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