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Best Color Tips from an Interior Designer

Color Schemes

Credit: Benjamin Moore

In the last two posts, we talked about creating the perfect color palette and perfecting your color scheme. Today, we share the best color tips from an Interior Designer to help you finalize your color selection and painting project.

  • Give yourself a week. Look at the color swatches for at least 1 week before committing to any color scheme!
  • It’s okay to keep it simple. If you are unsure or it’s your first time putting together a palette, consider keeping it simple. Choose neutral warm beige as your primary color, and then keep your other color choices in the same value, i.e., in the same shade (or challenge yourself to go darker).
  • Choose even color values/shades. Most harmonious palettes use color of roughly even value (lightness or darkness).
  • Keep a balance of visual weight in the space by balancing colors. For example, combine the intense red walls of a room with white color on your trim. Don’t be afraid to mix warm colors with colds and neutrals.
  • Make sure to think about other colors, patterns, and textures you want to layer into the space. What rare colors do you want to incorporate? If you have a red sofa that you will be keeping as a dominant element in your living room, make sure the walls will complement it. Do you want your existing drapery fabric to stand out, or blend?
  • Pick a color to use to some degree throughout. To make sure the entire home color palette has a unified flow to it, make sure there is a one color that gets used to some degree throughout the entire house. This most often is the trim color used at the doors, windows and base moldings.

Unexpected Touches:

Use your imagination! Consider painting the inside of a bookcase, or lacquering your coffee table or a side table a bright contrast color. Draperies can be a great place to add both color and texture!

And remember, there are color experts available to help you with the transformation of your home palette. A few hours’ consultation can be worth it, if there are questions keeping you from moving forward. Contact us to get started.

Happy coloring!

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