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Floating Shelves Dress Up a Room + Create Storage Space

People who lean toward an industrial, contemporary look would undoubtedly love floating shelves, such as the ones below. Floating shelves enable you not to have to buy another piece of furniture if you’d like to have additional storage. Plus they look snazzy!

Floating shelves don’t have anything underneath to support them — no brackets, no pieces of wood. It looks like they’re floating on the wall. People look at them as if to say, “How do they do that? Must be awfully strong glue!” No, they’re not glued onto the wall.

A bathroom is a great place for floating shelves so that storage space can be increased. When we remodeled this Seattle bathroom, above, we decided on floating shelves for the wall space in between the two mirrors. The simple lines make the area seem a little more spacious. The bathroom looks really dressed up, even more so if you put an art object on the shelf.

Our beautiful Bellevue home remodel, above, also got outfitted with 6″ thick walnut wood floating shelves. They have a modern appearance, while giving a rustic look and feel.

We hope these ideas and images of floating shelves inspire you. If you’d like us to give you an interior design consultation, or if you would like to engage our interior design & build services, give us a call at 206-774-0630.

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