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Home Remodeling Is Busy in the Summer

Hello, Fans & Readers,

Amazing how busy we’ve been these months doing several very large home remodeling projects. Many of our clients are buying new houses and we get to design and remodel them! We are taking many houses built in the ’80s or even ’90s to create better functional homes with modern designs.

Although we call ourselves interior designers, some clients hire us for exterior work as well, such as color schemes. Here’s a rendering of the color scheme for a modern house:

Color scheme - modern exterior home remodeling

Color Scheme – Modern Exterior. Source: Interior Visions, LLC

And here’s one for a traditional house:

Color scheme - traditional exterior home remodeling

Color Scheme – Traditional Exterior. Source: Interior Visions, LLC


A good example of a wholehearted design & remodel is a house a client of ours purchased in Redmond, near Seattle. Before moving in, the client hired us to do a complete home remodeling, including opening up the kitchen/dining room area, updating the flooring, creating a new color scheme, redesigning the kitchen and fireplace, and solving other space-planning issues, including expanding the master bedroom to incorporate a new built-in master closet, and other cosmetic changes, including window treatments, furnishings and lighting.

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER demolition pictures of the kitchen:

Kitchen Tear Out (or "Demo") for Home Remodeling

Kitchen Tear-Out (or “Demo”)


This is how the kitchen turned out:  (AFTER)

Newly Remodeled Kitchen (AFTER) Home Remodeling

Newly Remodeled Kitchen – Source: Interior Visions, LLC


This beautiful retreat in Federal Way, near Seattle and Tacoma, showcases a coastal look to complement the architectural style of the home, which has a stunning view of the water. For this project, we remodeled three bathrooms, created a new color scheme, chose light fixtures, bought new furnishings, and pulled it all together by styling the space with the client’s own precious items.

The Commodore blue accent wall in this living room looks very striking:

The Remodeled Living Room on the Water - Home Remodeling

Living Room on the Water – Source: Interior Visions, LLC


Even the bathrooms showcase the coastal look. The bathroom wall looks like a sandy beach:

Wavy Finish on Bathroom Wall Home Remodeling, with Shower Niche

Wavy Finish on Bathroom Wall, with Shower Niche. Source: Interior Visions, LLC


Here is one of our current projects in the city of Kirkland, also near Seattle — another new acquisition by a client of ours of an ’80s house facing Lake Washington. The goal is to open up the space and change the look completely, with a modern design concept:

Waterfront Living Room Home Remodeling

Waterfront Living Room – Source: Interior Visions, LLC

The beautiful big window in the center of the photo is going to become stunning Nano doors. The small door to the left of the big window will be gone, as will the railing.

Here’s an image of the PROPOSED design plan for home remodeling the area above — to drop the floor to maximize the entrance from the living room to the lake, utilizing the Nano doors:

Home Remodeling - Big Nano doors leading to the waterfront

Big Nano Doors Leading to the Waterfront. Source: Interior Visions, LLC


We could go on and on… But we’d better keep some material for the next blog. Stay tuned!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our blog. We hope you found it informative and helpful. If you’d like to ask us a design question, or schedule a design presentation for a local group, please contact us. Check out our Facebook page for our latest updates. Check out our website for more information about our design and remodeling services.

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