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Kitchen Improvements: Design Essentials

Kitchen Improvements

Kitchens are the heart of every home and are also one of the most intricate rooms to design. This blog summarizes a few tips to consider before you plan your next kitchen renovation.

1. Plan ahead:

Ask yourself questions to help you understand your short- and long-term goals. For example: How long are you planning to stay in this home? Do you plan to sell your home in the next five years? Do you plan to have children who will also be using the space?

2. Find Inspiration:

There are many wonderful interior design websites to help you find inspiration. A few of my favorite sites are Houzz.com and DesignShuffle.com. I encourage my clients to go to these websites to find inspiration for styles and ideas.

3. Create a Budget:

As with many remodeling projects, it is best to begin by establishing a budget. Based upon your preferences, an estimate for a kitchen remodel can cost from $100 to $1,000 per linear foot.

4. Think about spaces as if they were workstations:

Think of your baking, washing, cutting, and serving areas as workstations. A good Interior Designer will help you design custom cabinetry and appliances to work efficiently in each workstation.

5. Create a “Work Triangle”:

The sink, refrigerator and stove compose “The Kitchen Working Triangle.” Minimize the number of steps you have to take between each of these areas.

6. Choose a color scheme:

Selecting the right color will create a dramatic impact in your kitchen. Use a color that will complement the rest of your home. A backsplash can add texture and color to your kitchen. If you want to create a focal point, select an area and use a bright color. As a Designer, I love to use the backsplash collections from Ann Sacks.

7. Balanced lighting:

Lighting is crucial to any room but when it comes to the kitchen this space serves multiple functions. You could be cooking, having a casual dinner or doing homework with your kids. To balance general with task and mood lighting incorporate these fixtures. Use recessive lights for general lighting. For task lighting, it is a clever idea to have light fixtures under the overhead cabinetry. A beautiful pendant can be utilized for mood lighting.

8. Plan for storage:

Custom-built-in cabinetry is the best solution for any kitchen.

9. Select reliable appliances:

There are a variety of innovative appliances, depending upon your budget and style. If you like to bake, consider a wall oven. Less is always more.

10. Consider easy-to-clean materials:

Use slab as your counter instead of tile; this removes the upkeep of the grout joints. I prefer using granite, as opposed to marble. Make sure to seal your backsplash, counter, and floor; this will make cleanup a less stressful task.

11. Flooring options to consider:

There are pros and cons for all these options.

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, and great to walk on, but requires more maintenance.

Ceramic tiles provide beautiful glazes and finishes, but are less durable.

Porcelain tiles are durable; however, they may feel a little harsh to walk on.

Interior Visions provides design consultations for kitchen renovations. We can help you plan your kitchen, choose a style and color scheme, prepare construction documents, and select all the appliances, lighting, finishes and fixtures. Visit our website at www.InteriorVisions.biz. We would love to help you on your next project!

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