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Lighting Fixtures Become Focal Points

We are impressed with how beautiful and elegant lighting fixtures have become. We’ve had clients who were very particular about how they wanted their light fixtures to look. In the process of searching vendors’ web sites for light fixtures, we’ve had a lot of fun ooh-ing and aah-ing over some of the spectacular designs we’ve come across. We’ll share them with you!

The style and shape of the pendant light you choose depends on your home and the room where the fixture will be used. However, here are some very general things you should keep in mind when looking for a pendant light.

  • Material and Finishes
  • Size of the Light Pendant
  • Ambient VS Task Lighting
  • Using dimmers
  • LED VS other bulbs
  • Keep height in mind


1.   The spectacular, glamorous lighting fixture you see below is called a pendant. It’s amazing what some of them look like nowadays. They come in all different sizes and may or may not come with branching arms, as the Zanadoo light pendant above does.

Bellevue Home Remodel: Dining Room Lighting Fixtures

Bellevue, WA, Home Remodel: Dining Room.    Source: Interior Visions, llc

2.   This stunning, hand-blown glass Cloud light pendant by Oriano Favaretto looks magnificent in the front entry of our home remodeling project in Kirkland, WA. The iride glass is transparent with a beautiful bubble shape, reflecting light and color throughout the room.

Cattelan Italia

Catalan Italia: Kirkland, WA, Home Design & Remodeling Project
























3.  A simple idea, gracefully executed. Row upon row of clear oversized teardrops, mounted onto an extended chrome lamp holder that supports Xenon lamps sets the stage. Individually adjustable drops for custom stagger effects allow for dramatic impact. An added benefit of each drop being aircraft cable-suspended is the ability to adjust the height of the piece to fit the space. The overall result is stark and stunning.

Larmes 24 Lights LED Linear Suspension

Larmes 24 Lights LED Linear Suspension: Kirkland, WA, Design & Remodeling Project















4.   The Bolle Suspension by Oggetti features a wonderfully intricate pattern of round glass balls that vary in shade. The Bolle Suspension is handmade in Murano, Italy, by glass artist L. Ferro.  This light pendant is a unique option for contemporary living rooms, dining rooms and more.



IMG_7584 copy

Bellevue, WA, Home Design & Remodeling Project.       Source: Interior Visions, llc



























Light pendants make for attractive focal points in any space while doubling as a lighting source. Also, a pendant can be a space-saving alternative to a floor lamp or table lamp because they can provide ambiant lighting over a greater surface area.

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