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How to Incorporate Mad Men Style in Your Home Decor


Credit: Design Within Reach

Credit: Design Within Reach

There’s a lot more to enjoy about the scenery of the hit TV show Mad Men besides Don Draper in a suit. The producers of Mad Men have brought in interior designers who have focused on the trends and styles that create beautifully accurate rooms. Whether you’re looking at the office of one of the “Mad” men, or the inside of Betty Draper’s home, your eyes are catching a fascinating design approach that never goes out of style.

Mid-century style, characterized by clean, simple lines, was developed from the 1930s through the 1960s. “Design Within Reach” designers present a modern and stylish interior in neutral colors.

Here’s how to incorporate Mad Men style in your home decor:

  1. Invest in furnishings to last a lifetime. For example: The Barcelona chair from “Design Within Reach” attests to the mid-century’s mastery of form, function and style.
  2. Instead of painting an accent wall, hang a bold graphic.
  3. Place your pictures and frames on top of the shelves.
  4. Keep the space planning light and open. Separating an open space with tactically placed furniture groupings brings the open space into focus.
  5. Create a monochrome color scheme for a simple look that’s jazzed up with shapely furniture and imaginative lighting.
  6. Keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd the space with accessories.
  7. Mix it up and have fun by blending new pieces with old. Be creative! Shop around antique shops, flea markets and vintage stores.
  8. Soften and define the living space with a rug to provide contrast to your flooring.
  9. Incorporate a classic mid-century light fixture to pump up a room’s drama. Reference the Arco Floor Lamp with white base from “Design within Reach.”


If you’re interested in more ideas on how to incorporate Mad Men style in your home decor, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to make suggestions in line with your budget.

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