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Our Team

Fabian Borre
Principal, Interior Designer

Master Builders Association


Fabian Borre, Interior Designer

Fabian Borre is the Principal and Interior Designer on our team, specializing in the creation of functional, beautiful, simple, open spaces. Fabian’s interior design branding is “A Transformation of Function + Style.” Fabian sees himself as a simplifier who designs beautiful, functional spaces. Fabian believes that every home contains a story, told through its distinct blend of color, texture, function, and style; he works to tell each story and transform each space from a house to a home.

Fabian delights in working with raw materials that keep the integrity of the design exposed and not hidden. His “favorite things” are: clean lines, beautiful textures, and open spaces without walls. He wryly remarks, “I have seen hundreds of homes over the years, and if I could knock down unnecessary walls, I would!”

Fabian’s design philosophy is a combination of style and order. As a modern designer, he believes he has a combination of right- and left-brain thinking. Fabian considers that beautiful spaces are the harmonious integration of the function and design of a space. The minimalism and simplicity of the Bauhaus style of architecture, design, and art are what Fabian loves and admires, so much so that he takes the Bauhaus style as the source of his design inspiration.

Fabian’s distinct, modern design style has been quietly influenced by the unique blend of European and Latin American cultures. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian began to love design as a child when he helped his mother rearrange furniture and paint walls. He fondly remembers going to a nearby furniture store when he was ten, looking for unique pieces of furniture for his mom.

Still interested in design as an adult, eventually Fabian started designing trade show exhibits for fashion shows in Las Vegas and New York, and had a lot of fun with that. Nevertheless, he found that his true love remained residential design, so he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California—Orange County.

Fabian now lives in the Seattle, Washington, area and loves spending time with his family, friends, and pets: three dogs and his 20-year-old kitty, Valentine. Fabian enjoys the outdoors, going to the beach, working out, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Edgard Marin

Associate Partner, Interior Designer

Edgard Marin

Edgard Marin is a new Associate Partner and talented Interior Designer. Edgard creatively translates intricate design concepts from the mind’s eye to a visual reality. Using three-dimensional imagery and two-dimensional construction plans, Edgard creates all the digital visual aids to provide clients with a design preview. These digital previews showcase the transformation of each space prior to the design plan implementation.

Edgard has unique skill sets: Edgard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California. With a passion for technology, Edgard has mastered a variety of design software, including AutoCAD, Studio Max, and Sketch-Up. Edgard also has a background in architectural design and in construction, which informs his creation of innovative designs.

Destynie Ost

Interior Designer

bio pic for destynie ost

The newest member of the Interior Visions design team, Destynie Ost has recently graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Interior Design.

Having grown up in Alaska and desiring to move away from home, Destynie ventured to California, where she attended the Art Institute of Orange County. She would later move around to a few more places, finally settle in the beautiful city of Seattle, and receive her degree from the Art Institute of Seattle.

Destynie’s exposure to different cultures and lifestyles is reflected in her open expansion and understanding of design and design styles. She strives for the use of color, textures, and simplicity to create balance in a space that is unique, welcoming, and inviting. She declares, “My philosophy is to design with passion, creativity, and purpose.”

While in school, Destynie worked on not only residential design projects, but commercial design projects as well, ranging from restaurants to music museums. Such a variety has given her a broad understanding of different spaces, and attention to detail, safety, and overall budget and goals of a project.