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Struggling with Internet Signal Strength in your Home or Office?

Poor Signal Strength

Are you struggling with weak signal strength of your wireless internet? Is the signal indicator on your computer always stuck on Low? What is going on here? There are three possible causes:

  • Your walls may block it;
  • If your house is multi-level, that may block it;
  • The cabinet your router is stored in may block it.

You probably have moved and/or repositioned your router. In this way you have tried to maximize your signal strength. However, your wireless signal is still poor at best. There are two issues you will want to identify:

  •  What kind of signal type is the wireless router emitting?
  • Do you need to upgrade to a different router?

However, this may not completely solve your problem. Furthermore, it may bring about a new problem regarding your computer. Your new router is backwards-compatible. (Most routers are.) Say you have bought an N router.Your older computer recognizes the 802.11 A,  B or G signal.  Backwards-compatible, the N router should be able to transmit the A, B or G signal for your older computer. But this will be a less powerful signal. Therefore, you may feel like you wasted your time and money.

Be careful to read the specifications — some routers may not support the older technology. Much like analogue, sooner or later the technology will no longer be available.

Boost the Signal

How can you boost the signal? Here’s the lowdown:

A) Connect your router to another router or to a wireless extender. By doing so, you can extend your range. Extending your range will boost the signal. This allows your connection to be stronger.  This works only if your placement and compatibility are correct.

B) The routers and/or wireless extender must be able to support each other and extend. One router should be the base station. Then, in the control panel, you would select Extend Existing Network. You select this for the second router or wireless extender.

By making this change to your wireless network, you will become more productive and have more time in your day! For more information about extending your signal strength, come visit us at: www.InteriorVisionsllc.com or give us a call at 206-774-0630.

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