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Tips for Buying a New Rug — Parameters to Consider

You’re going to buy a new rug, and wish you knew which parameters to consider. The purpose of having rugs is to help you define and soften spaces. What do I mean by that? Say, for example, in a living-room type of space, a good rug will help you define the area by bringing a pop of color or interesting pattern that should be part of your design concept. We’ll give you some tips. So pour yourself a glass of wine or a cuppa joe, sit back, and get inspired!


Photo Credit: Camerich

Construction of Rugs

Rugs can be divided into two categories of construction: handmade or machine made. Most handmade rugs cost thousands of dollars. Machine-made rugs are inexpensive replicas.

Material of Rugs

Rugs can also be divided into two categories of material: they can be made from natural fibers, such as wool or cotton; or they can be synthetic, such as polyester. One of the best of the natural materials is wool. Another one of the best natural materials is flokati — similar in appearance to shag, but flokati is natural and shag is synthetic.

Choosing the Right Rug

Which construction and material of rug you choose depends, in the end, on the cost and on your budget. Area rugs can be an investment, both visual and financial. They can make or break a room and instantly change the way the space feels. For example, shown below is a wool rug from Room & Board. The light colors and pattern help tie together the modern living room of this lovely space.


Photo Credit: Room & Board


Actually, choosing the right type of rug is not as easy as it may seem. Some factors to consider when shopping for area rugs are:

     What type of lifestyle do you have? Do you have children running around? Do you have dogs with dirty paws?

     What’s the purpose of the rug? Would you like the rug to make a statement in your living room? Or will it be located in a place where people can sit while playing board games in the family room?

     What’s the style of your home? Look to complement the style of the space. An area rug doesn’t necessarily need to match something in the room, but it should work with the tones and textures of the existing furnishings.

     How are you planning to maintain the rug? A high-end rug is going to have to go to a professional at least once a year. Therefore, I’d like not to incorporate an expensive rug in a hallway type of space.

     What about comfort?  I like the use of natural fibers such as wools or cottons. If you want a lush, deep pile, synthetic fibers can give you a similar feel. It truly is a taste preference when it comes to feel.

     What about cost? Spending a bit more on a high-quality area rug may be more worth it to you in the long run than buying a mediocre-quality rug at a bargain store. However, nowadays you can score amazing area rugs at great prices by shopping online.

OK, now we can think about what the rug will look like. The Home Decorators Collection website gives us several elements to consider when buying a rug: size, shape, weave, color (including possible pattern), style, and material.

With our tips for buying a new rug, your project will be painless and, dare we say, fun!

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