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Simple Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling: Before & After. Source: Interior Visions, LLC


Organizing Your Kitchen doesn’t need to be a daunting chore. There are many different ways to organize a kitchen, and many of them require very few outside purchases. Room organization needs to be personalized, so mixing and matching ideas with some creative innovations of your own will work best. Here are some simple tips for organizing your kitchen.

Begin by looking up; many people forget about the available wall space that isn’t being utilized. Small kitchens benefit greatly from this concept, while big kitchens spread out using wall space. Hang pots and pans on the wall or above the stove on a hood rack. This gives both utility and decoration to the room.

Use a lazy susan as a centerpiece on the table. The sugar bowl, honey, butter bowl, salt and pepper can be added to provide a compact condiment station. A two-tiered lazy susan works best for those who entertain often.

Hang some shelves with pegs in the kitchen for the aprons and towels. The top of the shelf might hold the cookbooks, giving this piece of wall decoration a double use. Pans with holes in the handles will also hang nicely, as long as the shelf is anchored into a wall stud.

When storing items in the cupboards, store them by use and keep similar items together. Your favorite mixing bowl should be in a low cupboard, front and center. The crock-pot or other appliances that make an occasional appearance will be placed higher, often out of reach. Storage containers often nest inside each other and should be stored the same way. Anything which will stack safely should be kept together to maximize the space inside the cupboard.

Photo Credit: Houzz

Photo Credit: Houzz

Use a filing system for plastic containers. Keep the lids in a pile or drawer to themselves, and separate the drawer with wooden or plastic separators. The lids which match specific containers will be filed together. For example, if you save butter dishes for future use, the lids to the dishes will be stored together and away from the name brand plastic container lids.

Organizing your kitchen does not have to soak up every resource. These tips for organizing your kitchen can be done with simple planning and foresight. For more information on how we can help you or to set up a consultation, contact us.


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