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Vanishing Television Mirrors

The other day a Washington Post reporter interviewed me. The reporter was writing an article about interior design. One of the questions was about televisions. The reporter wanted to know how interior designers incorporate television into their designs. TVs have changed in their appearance, weight, and technology. Technology is evolving at a fast pace. The television is becoming flatter and lighter. TVs can now be used with personal computers.

The Television Vanishes

Now there is the case of the “vanishing TV.” Seura is a manufacturer of lighted mirrors. Seura produces a line of lighted mirrors called “Enhanced Lumination Lighted Vanishing TV Mirrors.” This mirror gives you a different way to watch TV, and a different place where you can watch TV. You use Seura’s proprietary TV, and you put it behind the mirror. The ideal room  where you can put this television is in the bathroom.

The Television is Two in One

The mirror is designed to be illuminated. The television unit has vanished behind the mirror. When you turn on the illumination of the mirror, the LCD TV picture appears. The TV contains an enhanced color-correcting technology. When you turn off the illumination of the mirror, the TV disappears and you see only the mirror. The TV is hidden in plain sight, and the unit is multipurpose. I love this concept and incorporate it into my designs.

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