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Versatile Spaces, or How Do We Help Clients Remodel?

Versatile rooms allow for creativity. Versatility is what may really be wanted and needed in a space, but the process for getting there sometimes tends to be a bit mysterious. A friend of ours was looking at the “demolish kitchen” photo on our last blog about our summer remodeling projects. She was amazed that the Interior Visions designers could have the ability to have such a vision, by looking at the existing kitchen and imagining that the new kitchen would look thus-and-so. She said, “I would never be able to have such a vision beforehand!” Well, we do have such a vision! If you’re someone with a lack of imagination and your remodeling ideas are a vague, amorphous mass, we can design and execute a vision for you.

Would you like something like this Modern Barn Home?

Modern Barn Home

Modern Barn Home. Source: Interior Visions, LLC

After you talk to us and you decide on a budget, we will design a concept for you. We get ideas from you, and you get ideas from us. We make sketches for you. And then it’s “Homework Time” for you! You fire up your computer and also your brain. For design inspiration, you might want to look at sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Take a look at images and keep asking yourself, Do I like this, or not? It’s really amazing, and inspiring, what a remodel can do even for an old house, such as this 1950s Mid-Century style house:

During the design process, you and our designers share ideas and photos by email with each other about furniture, materials, color palettes, or design styles. We appreciate the feedback from you, because the name of our game is to Do What The Client Likes. Clients like our feedback, especially because we can recommend furnishings and items, some of which are available to designers and architects only. Our clients get genuine items, not knockoffs!

Take a look at this vivid blue, genuine Egg Chair:

Furniture: Egg Chair

Furniture: Egg Chair.  Source: Interior Visions, LLC

And then… Let the construction process begin. This is the execution of the design – the remodel itself. We will “hold your hand” from beginning to end. We do the project management. We act as liaison to coordinate with vendors and subcontractors of every trade: we work with carpenters, tile setters, plumbers, electricians, painters, drywall, etc. (and with the architect, or structural engineer, if required). If all this sounds to you like a “step-by-step” thing, it is!

We love to transform spaces; it is what we do! We have a great team of designers and trade resources, including vendors for materials of any kind, and subcontractors for every trade. We would love the opportunity to work with you. Please give us a call at (206) 774-0630 for your next design & remodeling project!

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