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The Perfect Balance of Warm and Cool Tones in Your Color Scheme

Before having your home interior painted, first look at the finishes around the home — the flooring, fireplace, windows, etc. I have seen hundreds of homes that don’t have a balanced coordination of colors between the walls and the finishes.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our winters are rainy and long. That is why I am a big fan of choosing a warm tone as the main color for the home. Furthermore, as an interior designer who likes to simplify spaces, I always create a clean color palette to keep the design simple, yet with a twist of drama, such as in one of our remodels:

The beige of the wall at the far end of the living room is in a slightly darker shade than the beige of the other walls. Use of different shades of the same color is my designer signature when working with colors.

Various Shades of a Color for Your Color Scheme

Using various shades of a color lets you experiment and create a sense of depth in the space. Then comes the fun part! Bring out some of your personality by adding accent colors. This is your chance to bring a pop of color to your space with a cool tone; the picture below uses a green color as the main accent color without disrupting the flow of the home.

For example, in another home remodel we did,  we painted the family room walls in two shades of warm tones. Then we selected sage green, seen in Nature, and incorporated those tones into the color scheme.

The result of that makeover is a tranquil combination of warm neutral and cool tones that flow from one space into the other. The new color scheme provides a cozy ambience that the family truly enjoys. Almost a member of the family, Nature was the inspiration for this color scheme.


Family Room Design

Family Room Design. Source: Interior Visions, LLC


Testing Colors for Your Color Scheme

Color Testing

Color Testing

Always test your colors on the walls before committing to them. The color you see in the paint deck is never the same color when you apply it to the wall, especially when you are working with neutrals.

Create at least 10″ x 10″ square perimeters on the wall with a tape called ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape. In each square, paint a certain color for testing. When the paint is semi-dry, pull off the tape. Look at the color for a week in different light conditions before you commit to it. Creating a color scheme is not as simple as it may seem, but do your research or call a pro before your next paint job.

Let these ideas be food for thought! We are here to help you to create your perfect color scheme. Give us a call at 206-774-0630 to schedule a complimentary color consultation.

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