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Creating a Home Improvement Plan

Is remodeling on your radar screen? If you are thinking about remodeling and feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and scope of it all, then you are not alone!

As a design professional, I meet so many families that are unsure about how to move forward. Before you actually do anything, first create a plan for how to carry out your home improvement. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds.

I’d like to give you a few steps to consider taking — whether you are doing your home improvements yourself, or planning to work with a professional interior designer.

Home improvement plan

Home Improvement Plan: Interior Visions, LLC

  • Understand Your Design Style: If you have one, that is. Or create your design style. Off to the Internet! Searching the web for “design styles” can help you understand or create a design style that excites you. Windermere Real Estate’s website lists a compilation of the most popular design styles.


  • Create a Budget: Whether we like it or not, money is the name of the remodeling game, as far as what and how much of it you’re going to do. So sit down with a notepad and a cup of coffee or tea (or wine — I do some of my best thinking over a cocktail!), put on your thinking cap, and calculate, calculate, calculate!


  • Get Inspiration: This is the fun part! Think surfing, as in “surf the web.” There are so many great online design websites (like Houzz, Pinterest, etc.) out there these days that it should be easy to find one or two that speak to you. I often like to look on Houzz.


  • Create a Color Palette: Think through your color palette for your home as a whole, instead of thinking about color for one room at a time. You might like to check out the Sherwin-Williams website for some color inspiration.


  • Value the Importance of Drawings: Whether doing the remodel yourself or working with a professional, first make sure that drawings are done of your floor plan, and wall elevations done of a kitchen or bath, to ensure that everything will fit according to the design plan.


Don’t all these bits and pieces remind you of a jigsaw puzzle? It is crucial to consider how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and relate to one another – and they do relate – prior to you making any major purchases.

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