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Open Space and Furniture Arrangement

Furniture takes up space — no doubt about it!  If you’re tired of that feeling, look at these quick tips to help you understand open space: how to rearrange your furniture the next time you are thinking about doing something different with your living space.

  • Arrange furniture mostly along the sides of the room. In this way, you are opening up the space.
  • Be sure to keep in mind the dimensions of the space, and plan your furniture layout when striving for open space. Be conscious about the scale of the furniture.
  • Have some furniture that is multipurpose. This is one way to keep down or decrease the amount of furniture you have. Embrace versatility! For example, you could have an ottoman that can become an extra bed for a sudden overnight guest. Another example: A couple of extra chairs off to the side that are table height may also be used at the dining table when you have guests.
  • Keep only furniture that you love, or, at least, that you like.
  • Rugs are a great way to soften an open space and help define a space with multiple functions. For example, the rug in the picture below helps define the living room area of the open space.


Feel better now? It’s heartening when you feel a sense of encouragement that what you’d like to do is possible. I hope these tips inspire you to suddenly realize you can open up space with furniture. Get in touch with your interior designer, or DIY. Maybe an idea will pop into your mind about just what piece of furniture you can replace… or extend…or repurpose… Have fun!



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