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Principles for When You Organize Your Kitchen

Employing basic concepts to organize something can help you tailor your space to suit your needs. It makes meal planning and preparation easier and more enjoyable.

Organize and Beat Population Density

Storage Containers: Are your cabinets overcrowded with food storage containers? Invest in different sizes with multiple uses, and opt for pieces that nest inside one another. This will create more room in your cabinets, and you will be able to organize things better.

Organize to Make Use of Geography

Organize your kitchen into regions: the everyday glassware drawer, cleaning supplies, the appliance garage, even a baking bar for oven mitts, cookie sheets and loaf pans.

Take Inventory: If you’re unable to identify the proper use for a piece of equipment or gadget, it’s time to give it away. If an item gets used only once a year (or less), stow it in an out-of-the-way cabinet or storage area. Donate items that are duplicates or perform the same function.

Everything has its place: Do you feel like you are all over the kitchen when preparing meals? Here are some quick tips to help create a better flow in your kitchen. Organize pots and pans and keep them near the range or cooktop. Your mixing bowls should be close to the countertop for ease of use when preparing food. Your plates, glasses, and flatware should be stored close to the dishwasher or sink.

Open Display Means Extra Work: Do you like to display your dishware? Using an open display for your dishes is a beautiful way to display your items. However, this means you will be cleaning more often, due to dust and smudges that will settle in plain view of your guests. Instead of an open display, opt for glass-door cabinetry to organize and display your items. This will allow you to display your dishware with less maintenance.


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