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Pop of Color: Transform Your Home to Welcome Spring!

Emerging from our gray and rainy winter in Seattle, we Pacific Northwesterners are amazed to see such a beautiful color blue in the sky! How about bringing this gorgeous sky blue, or another color, into a room–or your whole house, for that matter–to make it look like spring? Spending as much or as little time and money as you wish, try transforming a room with a pop of color–here are a few tips.

Roman Shades Can Add a Pop of Color 

Indulge in some Roman shades for the window(s). Roman shades are one kind of shade. They come in different styles, too. This blue Roman shade certainly adds some comfort to the home or office.

Blue Roman Shades for a Pop of Color

Photo Credit: NH Blinds


Aren’t these red stools a brilliant pop of color (photo, below)? Your pop of color can be as outrageous or subdued as you like!

Accent Wall 

If you’d like to be really bold and go all out, choose a wall to paint as an accent wall in some color. Get some ideas from this bedroom below. Inspired by the bedding, the homeowner chose this light blue color for the accent wall. How relaxing it must be to fall asleep in a bedroom like this!

Sofa Pillows to Colorfully Accessorize

If you prefer to experiment with baby steps instead, get one or two pillows for your sofa. Think about color and presence or absence of a pattern. You can even go “hog wild” (see photo below) and get a throw to coordinate with the colors in the pillows. In this picture, the greens of the pillows and the throw seem to be echoing the green of the tree leaves outside the window.

Give us a call at (206) 774-0630 if you’d like a design consultation. Happy Pop of Coloring!

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