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Quick Tips to Simplify a Home Makeover

Are you thinking about organizing and doing a makeover of your home? It is an overwhelming project for most families! Wouldn’t it be nice to hire an interior designer to do that… But if you don’t want to or can’t, you can still do a home makeover on your own. You can simplify your life. Any of us can make a change in our homes.

Makeover Recipe

However, to do so, you will follow a “recipe.” You must use these special ingredients: a) a bit of creativity, b) a dash of inspiration, and c) a sprinkle of willingness! So get ready… Here are the first steps toward transforming your home:

1) Collecting. Get started by collecting materials, colors, fabric samples, etc. You are limited only by your imagination! Then arrange the gorgeous pieces on a bulletin board or any other kind of board. You are creating a visual board for inspiration.


2) Sorting. You’re going to be going through and sorting your items to get them out of the way. (Eventually you’ll be doing some purging.) Don’t throw up your hands! Start with one room at a time; small steps equal large gains.

3) Grouping. When you sort, group items in clear plastic containers or bins. Get four or five bins. (You don’t have to make any purging decisions right away.)

4) Designing. If you are planning to remodel, this is the perfect time to design and be creative with color schemes, finishes, etc. Keep referring to your Inspiration Board.

Makeover of Kitchen Countertop

Once the makeover is completed, let your beautiful finishes shine! Keep countertop items to a minimum, which will help in highlighting the lovely architectural features of your home. (Of course, you’re “allowed” to keep your coffee/tea maker on the countertop.)


We did a home makeover for a client, who commented, “The [sorting, purging, and] packing were a rejuvenating process. That ultimately helped me transition to a new and happier life style.” Agree? Remember the phrase “simplify your life”? Sometimes “less is more.” And you will feel lighter!

Happy autumn! We are here to help you with your home decor. Call us with any questions: 206-774-0630.

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