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Five Tips for Reducing the Paper Clutter in Your Home

Photo Credit: Houzz

Photo Credit: Houzz


Would you like your home office to look like this? You must clear your paper clutter and put the proper filing systems in place to have an organized and stylish office.

An overabundance of paper quickly becomes an eyesore. If it’s not cared for, it eventually becomes a looming pile and before you know it, you’re buried! Take a few tips for reducing the paper clutter in your home and find the surface of your desk again!

1) Pay bills online:

Most companies allow for bill paying online. They will even generate email notifications when the bills are due. Some people need a piece of paper to come in the mailbox every month; if you don’t, sign up for the online bill-paying option. If you can’t find out where to do this for each individual company, ask your bank if they offer any bill-paying services. Some banks will help you pay your bills electronically as long as the funds are available.

2) Keep a filing cabinet:

Some pieces of paper must be kept. Keep a filing cabinet for this purpose. The size of the cabinet will depend on your needs, but most households operate well with a two-drawer filing cabinet under the desk. Use hanging folders or two-pocket, labeled folders to find necessary papers quickly.

3) Filing Systems:

Filing is boring.  I know it! I hear you!

The following color coded / self purging filing system is just the perfect solution to put away papers with a system that is easy to maintain. FreedomFiler™ will change the flow of paper through your entire house and office:

Red Permanent Files. Keep the most important papers, such as car titles and birth certificates, in a waterproof, firesafe lockbox.

Orange: Remove / Replace Files: Insurance policies, contract from service providers. Whenever an old document is added the older one is removed.

Light Blue: Tax Related Documents. Two sets. One for an odd year and another for an even year.

Dark Blue: Rotating Archive Files – Tax Files to be saved for 10 years.

Green: Monthly files including bills, statements and any other document that are not tax deductible. Two sets. One for an odd year and another for an even year.

For more information please watch the following video:



4) Think long and hard before keeping that paper:

Do you really need to keep that paper? Why are you keeping it? If there is no solid answer to these questions, throw it out. Open mail near the trash or recycling bin to easily get rid of unnecessary pieces of paper. Junk mail can go directly into the trash from this vantage point, as can any internal advertising or return envelopes you don’t need.

5) Find out who is sending you junk mail and get off their mailing list:

Any junk mail you are receiving is coming from somewhere. It might be difficult to discern who is sending it, but if you can find out, call them and ask to be removed from their mailing list. It might take a couple months to cycle you out of their mailing system but it should happen. The amount of paper coming into your home should reduce itself after you make the requests.

For more tips for reducing the paper clutter in your home or to set up a consultation, contact us.

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